Sunday, April 20, 2014

Hope Everyone is Having a 

Wonderful Happy Easter
with their Families and Friends.  

Our shop is closed for the day.  
We are spending it with our loved ones too.

On Another Note......
We have been busy....
 We're at it again, painting and maintenance.  When your buildings are over 100 years old there is always something to work on.

But look at the difference!
The carpets on the 2nd floor are coming out!!  The hardwood is being painted back to it's original chocolate brown.  Looking good, like an old country store!  Paint is still wet.  Did you notice the color of the bannisters?  It used to be that dark 80's Merlot.
 So please excuse our mess while we clean everything up! New stock coming in next week too.  Lots of fun!

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