Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Cheryl and I just got back from a day of estate shopping.  It's always a treat to buy in bulk.  It might have been a bit of a sweat today, temperatures hit the 90's so we kept the water bottles near.

Met some nice people and filled the truck!

A big bag of yummy doilies and embroidered pieces to go through.

I Love oak! 
 A great washstand.  Nice golden color.

Several primitive pieces including this solid tobacco grading bench, red rocking chair, humidor, washboards metal and glass, several small tables, etc.  Some pieces to paint.

A tuck-able child's outdoor bench for the garden.

Original Oil Paintings

Just got started on the kitchen goodies.  LOTS of Fire King and Pyrex.  Never have too many kitchen pieces do we?

How about oil lamps?

Can't wait to see this one lit!

Still LOTS more to unpack and clean.  It was a good truck load! It was a good day.  We are full of the day's grime but feel pretty good about our haul!

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