Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I have a stove similar to this one at home that we rescued from a building that was being torn down.  Bless my husband he spent days cleaning it for me.

 I absolutely love cooking on my gas stove!  

This one is sweet and clean as a whistle.  Can't you just smell the pot roast cooking?  Or my Aunt Francie's Lasagna, yum!

How about some Copper-ware to go with the fancy Kitchy Kitchen stuff!  Sparkling Clean.

Or some cookbooks.  

Never have too many of those.  

I especially love the books that were used, with the sticky pages with Grandma's suggestion of a pinch of this or that written into the margin.  Oatmeal cookies anyone?
Can you tell I'm hungry?

Let's wash it all down with a good cup of herbal tea.

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