Monday, July 11, 2011

 All this fuss and mess for one little water spigot?  Who knew we had such clout?

The town of Selma was kind enough to choose the front of our shop for the placement of the street's new water access.  I get to water my plants!

I for one am very greatful to the town of Selma.  I have been dragging water buckets from the back of the shop for our trees for years.  

Phew!  In this heat that chore is be miserable!

So for all of you wanting to cool off.....!

Come on in the air conditioning is on here at Reid's.  Third floor may be a tad warm but it's worth the trip.

We've gotten most of the items from the last estate priced and ready to go.  See what we have added to the booths.

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